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Privacy Policy


Shrem Impex Policy on Privacy and Personal Information Use (Ver. 1 Date: July 11, 2012)


This website is owned and operated by Shrem Impex Pvt.ltd. (referred to as "Shrem") an online e-Commerce merchant of digital goods and services, with a Singapore subsidiary. We know that you care how information about you is used and shared and this notice describes our privacy policy. Shrem Impex respects each individual's right to personal privacy. We will collect and use information through our Web site, including registration forms, inquiry forms product transaction forms, mobile and API services only in the ways disclosed in this statement.


Part I. Information Collection
Shrem Impex collects information through its Web site and related e-Commerce services at several points.  We collect the following information about casual web site visitors: the IP address of the visiting machine for "geographic" statistical purposes. We may also collect names and email addresses that our users voluntarily divulge about themselves and others, such as referrals or business leads.
We also collect user registration data when Product Suppliers or Affiliates register to use Shrem Impex e-Commerce services by means of voluntary submission forms for the purpose of providing such users with our services. Information is also collected from online forms completed by people wishing to learn more about the Shrem Impex or from emails sent to Shrem Impex.
Shrem Impex also collects personal and payment information from online transaction forms including those generated through Shrem Impex APIs and completed by end Customers using Shrem Impex e-Commerce services to buy products, subscriptions and services ("Products") from Product Suppliers selling their products through Shrem Impex.
To receive products sold through Shrem Impex and E-commerce services provided by Shrem Impex, personal information is required because it is used to accurately build a Customer profile and for ongoing communication with Customers and Product Suppliers.Other information we request is optional.


Shrem Impex employs cookies. A cookie is a small text, graphic or flash file that our Web servers place on a user's computer hard drive or other web-based device to act as a unique identifier. Cookies may also enable Shrem Impex to automatically login a user back to our services provided he/she choose to enable such option. Shrem Impex cookies do not have an expiration date.
Our cookies may collect personally identifiable information, including the username and password to support optional automatic logon. Cookies may also be used to identify and track transactions introduced by recognized Shrem Impex Affiliates. Information such as pages visited, country, dates and times are also collected via clickstream tracking, cookies, flash cookies, automatic logging files, and other similar methods.
Shrem Impex may also collect the following information about software and online service users: the IP address of the visiting machine and the computer host name for "geographic" statistical purposes and account verification only; we also collect the usage of previously identified software actions and activities for the purpose of piracy protection, and to enable Shrem Impex pay-per-use functionality.


Part II. Information Usage
The information collected by Shrem Impex will be used by Shrem Impex in conjunction with the terms specified in this document. Users who provide information may receive email announcements regarding Shrem Impex services from time to time.
Registered Product Suppliers may receive additional announcements from Shrem Impex about transactions generated through Shrem Impex e-Commerce services, instant notifications, Shrem Impex service changes, revisions and updates, affiliate product opportunities, services, legal notices, special offers, and a newsletter.
Shrem Impex may also use personal information to provide announcements about functions or services that users are registered to use, about any user account they may create, about fulfillment of a specific transaction that may be requested, or about other significant developments that may affect use of the Site and or e-Commerce services. Users cannot normally opt-out of this kind of email communication.
Information we collect from Customers may be used to create online invoices, transaction confirmation notices, delivery of licenses, access keys and product download files and associated documentation, subscription accounts, instant notifications relating to such transactions, refunds and refund notices, warranty and dispute records, and customer profiles based on browsing or purchasing history.
As Shrem Impex is acting as a merchant for Product Suppliers we need to share relevant Customer information with the specific Product Supplier involved in the transaction in order for them to fulfill the transaction. Such information, if provided to Product Suppliers, is supplied on the condition that it should not be used for spamming or direct marketing by another party.
Out of respect for the privacy of our Customers we present the option to opt out of any mailing lists operated by Shrem Impex or relevant Product Suppliers as set out in the Opt Out section of this policy.
  Where Customer data is passed to a relevant Product Supplier the use of such information may be subject to the privacy policy of such Product Supplier and their standards may differ from those of Shrem Impex. We may supplement information collected through our Web site with data from other sources such as credit history to authorize purchases.


Payment Data
Personal payment information such as Credit Card numbers, bank account information is routinely collected and passed on to authorized payment processors in order to make payments sanctioned by Shrem Impex Customers.
Such information is handled through industry standard secure protocols and where appropriate in accordance with relevant Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliance standards. Such information may also be passed when making payment via Shrem Impex through mobile devices.
Such data may also be encrypted and securely stored by Shrem Impex in accordance with PCI standards. When expressly directed and approved by a Customer it may be used to generate recurring or new transactions as requested by such Customer.


Affiliate Tracking Information
Certain product transactions may have taken place following a valid referral by a recognized Affiliate introduction. In such cases basic non-personal information about the transaction will be tracked and passed to the relevant Affiliate so that their role in the sale can be recorded and any due Affiliate commission paid over at the relevant time.


External Links
We offer links to other Web sites including those of Product Suppliers. Please note: When clicking on links to other Web sites, we encourage you to read their privacy policies. Their standards may differ from ours.


Compliance with Court Orders & Law Enforcement Agencies
Shrem Impex may disclose personal information without notification in order to comply with a legal requirement, court order or subpoena or to cooperate with law enforcement or government agencies.


Merger, Sale, Transfer of Corporate Assets or Reorganization
Shrem Impex may transfer information as part of any corporate merger, sale, acquisition, transfer or assets or reorganization without notice. Such transfer will be on the basis of the continuation of all privacy rights set out in this document.


Changes in this Policy & Notification
Shrem Impex reserves the right to change this policy as and when it sees fit. If our policy on information collection or uses changes, will advise you by posting a dated copy here or if you are a registered Shrem Impex user then you will also be advised via email.


Opt Out Process
Customers have the option not to be added to mailing lists operated by Shrem Impex or the Product Supplier. In the case of opt out such decision will be relayed to the relevant Product Supplier. To exercise your opt out rights please send an email to us at devalm@shrem.
in requesting that your personal information be deleted from any mailing lists operated by Shrem Impex or your Product Supplier. Shrem Impex will act on your request and inform your Product Supplier of your request and of the need to fully respect your decision.